Stream/Download: Locksmith​​​​ Track Produced by: Decap Directed by: Justin Marmo

15 thoughts on “Locksmith – “Lemme Breathe” (Official Video)

  1. Imagine if dudes just focused on the future instead of the fear they have about the past, or skin color. Imagine if they woke up one day and just POOF figured out like we all do – that the people who mention your skin color are just searching for a reason to insult you or invalidate you. Imagine understanding G, that the human cerebral cortex has a limitation in it’s size, and therefor capacity – to ONLY be able to ACTUALLY REMEMBER and GIVE A F*CK about 150 people at any time, that said, it’s a PHYSICAL limitation to the ability of people to WORK TOGETHER in LARGE NUMBERS, therefor NATIONAL CONSPIRACY is Unlikely at best.

  2. Love your flow man. I want to work with you because you stand for something. Fuck government, hate, separation and corruption!God bless!

  3. Speak the truth Lock! Been following you since the MTV rap battle!
    Best album yet. Keep it coming King!

  4. thank you locksmith. im possesed by the devil my hands did not know

  5. Allah gave this a gift indeed. Keep goin bhai. In Shah Allah I will do a song w you one day.

  6. Yo lock absolute absolute fire🔥🔥🔥🔥with those lyrics on this beat this boom Bap beat is dope af anyway nuff respect bro 👊🏾 keep it up one love to real hip-hop

  7. I don’t get why this don’t have a million views! Dudes sleeping ! Or we only a few Men left!

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