Download/Stream: Locksmith Jarren Benton Oba Rowland Directed by Zero Track Produced by Decap

15 thoughts on “Locksmith & Jarren Benton – “Out The Box” f/ Oba Rowland (Official Video)

  1. This is exactly what I’ve been missing jaren boy needs to flex his ability like this more often

  2. I remember Locksmith 15+ years ago battling on Grindtime, and he is hands down one of the most polished rappers that I knew as a battle rapper first. Locksmith also knows how to feature a dope rapper that can hang with him as far as delivery, word play, and lyrics since Jarren was a perfect feature for this track

  3. Let me lay it down like a mattress. On this rap shit
    I don’t play around like an actress. yeah, no cap shit.
    I develop a way to level up my lyricist skills with a series of a serious will and a fellowship between me and my higher power to show myself what’s up. And If I ever fell from the devils touch than I know I found enough of what it takes to have made me felt corrupt. That I can vouch for and vowed how much to never frown on love. Unless it’s that halfway fake two-faced snake kind that I find as hate than that’s cut off time Like the final date where u get taxed but filed late now its like I died feeling alive n wake at my own wake o.d’d off of dat dope freestyle that’s going viral feeling fried n baked it’s a virus outbreak n I can barely fight the shakes but I got 5 or 8 more lines that can be described as divine and great but waite I don’t vibe with flakes so fine just hate cuz imma finna dirt my shoulders off and spit something more sick than your coldest cough show them I spew more flem more large n hard it shows that it told your flow is soft

  4. I do like the song but you should be lip syncing to your own music better honestly bro if you’re going to do a video at least line the song up with the video not vice versa

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