Locking the door can happen to anyone. Do not give money to the locksmith. Open your locked door yourself. You can conveniently open your locked door using this unlocking method. If you want to see the extraordinary unlock method, watch this video.

16 thoughts on “Excellent Idea! 40 Year Old Locksmith Does Not Know This Method

  1. Amazing technique IF you have the cylinder out of the door and you have a vice (and lag bolts so you cab screw the vice or a handy workbench near the door. Otherwise not so much. Try again with another tip.

  2. Dobra stvar ali nema to drugo sto se stavlja u bravu, jbg, Pozdrav😱😱😋😋👍👍

  3. “Многие знают многое, никто не знает всего…” – как говорили древние…

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  5. Can’t see how that’s going to work in a real life situation without serious modification tbh

  6. Hmmm interesting,,, it’s probably worth adding that most (half decent) euro cylinders won’t open with a rake and a squirt of WD-40.

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