15 thoughts on “[1376] A Locksmith Couldn’t Open This — Find Out Why

  1. What would be the best picking tool for mobile automotive locksmith? The Lishi or something else? I have a roadside assistance company and just want the quickest way to do my vehicle lockouts and my techs as well

  2. I looked on the website about the lishi tool that you are using and I see more than 20 different types
    can you explain what the difference is between them and what should I buy for most locks?..

  3. Mr. Nate, you have only my respect. One, it takes a big, and humble, man to say, “I need help”. Two, it shows character to go looking for that help. And three, to have the wisdom to know the best place to find the correct help, or at least to get pointed in the right direction. If a lock gives LPL a bit of trouble, it foils all but the best. Kudos to both Nate and LPL.

  4. This is the first video I watched about lock picking, it’s so simple yet so difficult at the same time, I love it and can’t wait to start this hobby – it’s an art with some science and bam 🔐
    Thanks for the videos and I’ll checkout your store site that you mentioned. Cheers.

  5. If you can pick every lock on your channel, then why cant you, or someone else build an unpickable lock?

  6. Hearing that shank pop up for the first time picker is like the first sexual experience. I knew the first time I tried it I was gonna like it.

  7. Just learning lock picking. Ive watched tons of your videos, but i still dont knkw what you mean when you say a pin is binding, or a pin is set etc. do you sell a book on your website that goes into more detail?

  8. Great content, very interesting. Could you now make a new key, if say you lost the last one?

  9. My wife caught me picking my nose the other day. I said I wasn’t. I’m now known as the nose picking liar . Do I get a badge ?

  10. imagine sendin in a lock you cant pick open and see a new video on LPLs channel thats barely 4min long, knowing he talks about it for half the vid

  11. Whoa! What? A Schlage Lishi can be used to open an Abus padlock? I have scrupulously avoided buying non-automotive Lishi tools as I thought they only open the common American brands (Im in Europe) they are labelled for. Did I totally miss a trick here ?

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